Top-5 AQR MLS Insider Tips

1 – Get to know your new MLS!
Terminus MLS is a property database management system designed to give you much more control over your listing information, as well as access to the best tools for processing the data contained in them.

The technology behind this system, Matrix MLS, is used in a similar way by other regional real estate portals such as Bright MLS (which alone boasts 85,000 users), MRIS, CRMLS, MFRMLS and Trend MLS in the United States, and Centris MLS in Canada, just to name a few. The teams of real estate professionals working with these systems know that a coordinated effort to create and maintain a property database makes for added value, wider geographical coverage, and reduced costs.

2 – Free website included!

Your AQR MLS account comes with a free MLS website, plus 5 unique URL’s you can use to promote your listings in a variety of ways.

3 – AQR MLS does not receive your leads
A real MLS does not operate by users pushing leads. Instead, the system pushes leads directly to the users, with absolutely no interference by the system administrations. In fact, you can see MLS systems as lead generation platforms you can use to get enough high-quality potential clients to fill a sales pipeline, but also to automate much of your current reach. This can greatly improve reaction time to new opportunities, putting you back on top of your business.

4 – Owner information is not required
Brokers don’t need to enter any owner information when uploading new listings, or when marking properties as Sold or Rented at this time. Because the public registry systems in Mexico are not set up to be connected with MLS systems, AQR MLS has been adapted in order for new users to feel secure and safe. In the USA, the state of the art MLS systems are far more advanced, whereby information from the public registry is available to research within an MLS.

5 – No SOLD information is sent to portals
Information about the SOLD status of Mexican properties is not sent to websites from the Terminus MLS platform. Usually, this data travels through a data feed using RETS, an advanced transfer framework that was designed to send and receive data between MLS and portals.

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