What is the difference between a CRM and an MLS?

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Possibly you came to this article because you are a real estate agent, or you have interests related to real estate. And, you’re probably familiar with the term CRM, but what about the MLS? Does it sound familiar? Until just a few years ago, Multiple Listing Services were only available in the United States and Canada, today this has changed.

Do you want to know what is the difference between CRM and MLS, and what is each one of them for? Keep reading to know the differences!


The term CRM comes from the acronym in English Customer Relationship Management that translated into Spanish can be said to be a platform or software for the Administration of the Relationship with Clients. This means that a CRM will help us to follow up our prospects or clients during the different stages of the purchase or sales process.

A CRM can be presented as a model for the management of our clients, and is linked to a computer system by which we manage our databases of prospects, contacts and sales.

In summary, a CRM serves us for the following:

  • To collect information (names, emails, telephones, etc.) of possible prospects within our niche.
  • To take control, monitoring and monitoring of prospects and customers.
  • Carry out “one-to-one marketing” actions. That is, send information that may be relevant to each of our contacts according to their personal characteristics.

As we can see a CRM works taking as an essential part the client and not the real estate agent.


The term MLS also comes from an Anglo-Saxon acronym Multiple listing Service, which in Spanish can be referred to as a Multiple List Service. Like the CRM, an MLS goes hand in hand with software for information management, but unlike managing databases about our clients, in an MLS exclusive properties are shared among real estate agents privately for the members of the platform.

The information that predominates within an MLS is almost exclusively related to the properties and not to the prospects or clients. Prices, commissions, time in the market, quantity of offers, etc., any type of information that helps the agents to generate more sales, distribute commissions and expand their list of properties.

In summary, an MLS serves us for the following:

  • Share and expand our catalog of exclusive properties collectively.
  • Increase our sales through commission agents
  • To have access to real and accurate information about supply and demand in a certain area.
  • Access to real information on prices of real estate and so much more!

What is the difference between a CRM and an MLS?

To conclude, we can say that a CRM is based on information management, taking the customer as its central axis. On the other hand, an MLS functions as an agency composed of real estate agents that is fed with the constant flow and storage of information related to the properties within the market

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